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An integrated model
for your business

A sustainable business is a mix of planning,
execution and management

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We plan sustainable projects

Project Development

  • 65 GW late stage
  • 26 countries

Commercial Structuring

  • 11.6 GW of Power Purchase
    Agreements (PPAs) signed
  • >5 GW with

We execute sustainable
construction sites

Finance Sourcing

Competitive cost of financing

and construction

  • 22 GW built from
    2012 to 2021
  • 5 GW in 2021

We deliver
sustainable buildings

& maintenance

  • over 100 TWH of energy

Energy management

forecasting tools and big data management

Why adopt
a sustainable energy

Let us support the transformation of your business
towards sustainability to obtain:

Reduced carbon

Improved cost


price risk management

Many partners for one goal:
a better future

These are the PPA partners who work with us every day
to rebuild a new World.

How our strategy
is carried out

  • Market design
    and rules

    The competence to work in any market your renewable business will land.

  • Transaction

    One sounding energy procurement strategy, more benefits for your business.

  • EACs (Energy Attribute Certificates)

    Many sustainable certifications: we guarantee for your business with transparency and solidity.

  • Enel context
    in each market

    A wide range of renewable solutions covering global needs.

With our PPA partners
we’re building the change

  • 18 million tons of CO2 avoided
  • 73 PPAs as corporate partners since 2016